Embroidery at the top of clothes

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Before ordering your embroidery, add first your textil article to your basket.

It is possible to embroider at the top of the suit, in the back side :

Option 1: 1 word on 1 ligne, upper line (15 letters maxi included spacing  ) and/ or 

Option 2: 1 second word, bottom line (15 letters maxi included spacing  ).

The top word may be embroidered in straight line or arced line.
The lower word is embroidered straight line, the letters are smaller.

- Describe exactly the products to personnalize with model, color, size in the tick box: " Describe your article"

- Embroidered word: write your martial art name or free word. The embroidery will be made exactly as you wrote, upper/lower case

- Choose the color

If you have any doubt, feel free to contact us.

Personnalized products may not be exchanged or returned.

    Delivery time:4-5 days
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