Japanese Happi Jacket

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Kimono jacket in black silk

Very beautiful garment from the Japanese tradition, to wear as an overshirt for a unique style.

A happi is a traditional Japanese coat with straight sleeves, usually printed with a distinctive coat of arms.

Originally, they represented the crest (mon) of a family, while they were worn by the servants of the house.

Later coats began to display the coats of arms of more popular stores and organizations

On the collar you will find here on both sides the coat of arms meaning: Word of Samurai adorned with the Double Y logo

The fabric of this beautiful jacket is 100% black matte silk, ultra fluid

The wide sleeves give it a very chic and stylish look, the very flexible fabric a lot of elegance.

This comfortable and quality garment will easily match your outfit like a black shirt.

To accessorize this Japanese product, you can also wear pearl bracelets visible in our dedicated department.

Wear it at home for a casual outfit, or outdoors, over a light garment, to show off your style.

Double Y
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