Our rate of delivery is automatically calculated  using the content of your basket and the destination area.

We deliver to France, DOM/TOM and about 42 destinations in the world.

(Purchases outside European Union, Switzerland, DOM - TOM are VAT exempted)


Daily expeditions to 42 countries in the World : Algeria Germany Andorra Austria Belgium Canada Croatia Cyprus Denmark Spain Estonia United States of America Finland France Greece Guadeloupe Guyana Hungary Iles Wallis and Futuna Ireland Italy Latvia Luxembourg Malta Morocco Martinique Monaco Norway New Caledonia Netherlands Poland Polynesia Portugal United Kingdom Ruenion Island Romania, Saint Pierre and Miquelon Slovenia Switzerland Sweden Czech Tunisia

TAO DISTRIBUTION provides several modes of delivery. They are adapted to the nature of the goods shipped.

A secure delivery: you can refuse the package if there are problems. If you are not your home delivery, notice of passage left by your factor or our carrier you will retrieve your package at the post office nearest equipped with identification or to ask for another delivery.


Delivery international

International shipments are made via International Expert Colissimo Expert  by Post Office
Your package  is delivered by the postal services and you must sign a receipt .

Your package tracking is available on the Post Office website :